Everything About Yoga And Meditation?

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Now Let’s See More About Meditation Part Of Yoga And Meditation.

Meditation is the process of concentrating with eyes closed, it may be on any of  the following

  1. Tip Of Nose.
  2. In Between Two Eyes.
  3. Or On The Breathing.yoga and meditation.

As we  concentrate on these parts with our eyes closed, initially lots of thoughts tend to come in our mind making it difficult to focus, but as we stay focused our mind starts getting into control, it starts to calm down, worries tend to disappear, time tends to slow down and we feel bliss from within, we start enjoying “Being Ourselves”.We tend to find solutions to our life problems.

Meditation is to be done at a place where there is silence and no noise or distraction.

You may sit in whichever position you feel comfortable, you may even do it in sleeping position.

You can create a good environment for practice with dim lights and light incense sticks for good odor in the room or place, Or you can simply go out in nature and find a quiet place for your self where there is no one to disturb you.

So basically it is the process of taking control of your mind, which keeps wandering here and there.

We neither live in past nor in the future but in the present if we practice Meditation.

Best suitable time is in the morning before sunrise but can be done anytime and anywhere you like.

yoga and meditation

You can start with 2 minutes in the beginning and you can do it as much as you like later.

In the starting, you may feel a little disturbed in the head for 2 days but you start feeling normal after 3 days and after a week you start enjoying it. It is that simple and you do not need to have some “Guru” or “Swami” to teach you about it although having one is always advisable.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips.

To get the maximum benefit from one session or sitting of meditation it is a must to create a proper, healthy environment for meditation.

First, one is find a silent, peaceful and calm place to meditate, it is easier to meditate in the silent place and after getting your mind gets in your own control you can meditate in any noisy as well as a crowded place too.

yoga and meditation.

Secondly find a place such that no one would disturb you for that session of 2mins,5mins,10mins,20mins,1hour and so on and even if anyone calls you or disturbs you don’t give a response or come out of meditation even if it is for a good deed or important deed.

Third there should be a good odor or fragrance in the room where you are going to meditate ,you can place some flowers near the place where you meditate or you can burn incense sticks it helps you to immerse deep  into yourself fast and helps you get a mind with no thoughts and a mind which is calm, clean and peaceful.

yoga and meditation.

The fourth important thing is Asana or sitting pose. Always take care to keep your backbone straight while meditating as attaining meditative mind is the flow of thoughts through the spine from head to tailbone near hips. If possible you should sit in Padmasana or Lotus pose,and do not forget to sit on the mat .Padmasana is the best pose for meditation but if not possible you can sit in cross-legged position too, if that is also not possible you can sit in chair with backbone in straight position and if that is also not possible you can do it in sleeping position too, to get a mind whom you have conquered and listens only to you and no longer runs here and there.

You may practice sitting in Padmasana or Lotus Pose along with your daily practice of meditation to get the most of your session of meditation.

Fifth and one of the important things is you can play some light music, which is not too heavy music or some rough songs from movies but good old music or relaxing music, some good relaxing music with some kind words and meaning and it relaxes mind, helps to calm your mind fast and we get   deeply immersed into ourselves fast and it helps you to focus on your meditation. There is lots of guided meditation music available online too.

yoga and meditation.

The Sixth element is how much time should we meditate.

In the beginning, you can start by practicing meditation for about 2 minutes daily and increase your time to as much as you wish, but for a normal person having family and job and daily work routine you should practice meditation for min 20 minutes.

The Seventh Element is Guru: Always think in mind that you are practicing meditation in front of your Guru whoever he/she may be, where ever he/she may be in the world.

yoga and meditation.

Eighth Element: Chanting of “OM”.Om is a word who’s chanting during meditation connects you to the universe, There is a To And Fro Connection from the Universe with the person who is meditating. Your body becomes ready to acquire superpowers from the highly powerful Gurus that are already meditating in the Himalayas for years.

Ninth Element: Keep a light smile on your face while doing meditation, do not be under any pressure or under tension or don’t hassle to finish up the meditation.

So, friends, these are the nine things that I have mentioned here that help you to get most from your sessions of meditation.

All of them are available at almost no cost, so friends don’t just try to meditate without all this but make your meditating experience the best and gain the most from your predetermined session.

These tips are essential for beginners because it is difficult to control the mind in the beginning as you gain experience and control over your mind you will be able to meditate in any worse conditions too and you can just be yourself and enjoy your life and time of your life to the fullest.

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  1. Hello Amit
    Thanks for sharing your ideas on curing pain without medicine.
    I do believe there is much more we can do to improve health than always swallowing one pill or the other.
    Medicne has been over used in the last years some have stopped working all together and i feel it`s time we started improving our health by looking for alternative medicine.
    I have never practiced yoga,it was not very common here when i was growing up and then l felt too old to learn when yoga got popular here.
    But after reading your post, im sure l can try beginner yoga then progress as l get used to it.

  2. Yoga is a very healthy mind and body training. It helps the mind find freedom and connection with the world around us. It helps the body find rejuvenation, health, and unblock all the energies within. Sometime we all tend to rush things and force ourselves to move forward, but I believe that we should really relax and give life a bit more of a thought. Yoga is the way to go when it comes to that, but you really try to breath life in and meditate on it. It’s something I do everyday and it gives me tons of energy and motivation. Thank you for sharing with the community.

  3. Hi Amit. Your page is very interesting and informative. I learned quite a bit on this page. I have tried meditating in the past, but found it difficult because I can never get my mind to settle. I will try your suggestion of going for 2 minutes to start off with. Your page offers great step by step instructions.

    1. Hi Scott , thanks for visit to my site and I am glad you like my site.Its great to hear that you have tried meditating in the past.what I suggest you now is DO try to create a meditative environment like I have mentioned in the post,I hardly takes 3-4 days to gain control of your mind ,and then you will never feel like leaving meditation after you feel the bliss.

  4. Mediation sounds like something everyone should learn to do daily for less anxiety and a clearer mind. Guided meditation products are a great way for a beginner to learn how to medicate, I think that is what I am going to do could you recommend any good mediation products for me to get started on the right path?

    1. Thanks Jeffrey for a visit to my site,min 5 to 20 minutes of meditation is must for every person to live tension and worry free life.Yes guided meditation products make the path easy in the beginning.

  5. Wow this is one of the best site for people looking for Yoga. I like this website & all the pages blogs & belt in. it’s very interested website.I wish I could create one like this. great job.

  6. I never knew so much could come from yoga. I honestly thought it was only for pregnant women. I also thought that it really wasn’t a guy thing. But after seeing this and looking throughout your website. I will say that I was totally wrong. I’m going to start Doing yoga in a month. Thanks for the insight.

    1. Thanks James for a visit to my site and I am glad you found it helpful.It is a miss concept that yoga is only for women or pregnant women.It is beneficial for every person.I am glad to know that you are starting your yoga practice soon,I will advice you to start with simple yoga poses like “The Dog Pose”,”The Cat pose” and do not forget to do Shavassana (The Corpse Pose) in the end.Best luck for your practice.

  7. I’ve been practicing yoga for a little over 10 years. After my practice, I leave time to sit in meditation. I really like how you suggest 2 minutes to begin. My teacher suggested 20 minutes and I remember how long that use to seem, especially when I was first beginning. It seemed like forever. Thank you for putting these practices out into the world. You give great advice and it’s much needed in this crazy world.

    1. Thanks Jackie for a visit to my site and I am happy to know that you are already practicing and reaping the benefits of Yoga.Yes 2 minutes is enough for the beginner to understand meditation and it does motivate the practice.Once the person starts feeling the bliss he/she is automatically drawn into the world of meditation.Once you get control and understand your mind you should practice meditation daily for 20 minutes.

  8. This is a wonderful post. Yoga and meditation have been part of my life for nearly 20 years and I can’t imagine my life without them now. I think your advice is very wise to begin meditation for 2 minutes a day. I think people try to sit for a long time and fail because they find it too difficult, so starting in short segments is really important.

    1. Thanks Ayako for a visit to my site and I am glad you liked it.Let me congratulate you for your 20 years of successful yoga and meditation practice.Yes you are correct 2 minutes of meditation is enough for a new person and you should try to meditate for 20 minutes daily to keep your mind healthy.

  9. I’ve actually was reading the other day that there is a lot of clinical research proving that yoga and meditation can help alleviate certain ailments and mental/emotional issues. At the end of the day, it’s all in the mind and if we learn how to channel our mentals/emotionals correctly, then we can be in a state of true resonance. As someone who meditates on a fairly daily basis, I can definitely attest to that.

    1. Thanks, Ariel Baradarian for your visit to my site.Whatever you have said is correct.The root of many ailments lies in our mind, meditation helps to cure that ailment, mental/emotional issues from the root.

  10. I really find it hard to meditate.As you said, the mind wanders through various thoughts.I try to focus on my breathing and find that it helps. No doubt, I have certainly felt a difference from the little that I do.

    I guess as time goes on, the more I practice, the easier it will become.

    What is your opinion of a guided meditation? I friend of mine recommends the ‘Master Choa Kok Sui, Meditation on Twin Hearts? Does listening to a guide help to get one’s mind in a state of peace or calm?

    Thanks for the video, I learned some interesting stuff about Yoga.


    1. Thanks Roopesh for visit to my site and I feel really happy to know that you are already practicing meditation.As you practice more you can find peace and serenity within yourselves.Guided meditation is really very helpful.It helps you concentrate more on your meditation for that period of listening, to I encourage you for Master Chao Kok Sui’s Guided meditation music.

  11. Thank you for great information that inspires me to start meditation. Earlier I have always skipped it after a few days. After reading this post I realize I have been trying to meditate for a very long time and that I not always find places that is silent and undisturbed. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. Thanks Linda for a visit to my site and I am glad you found the information very helpful.In the beginning silent places are necessary, but once you get practice to gain control over your mind you can do meditation in a noisy and disturbing environment too.

  12. Hey there,
    thanks for sharing your ideas. i dont do yoga but i plan to start after reading this. the benefits are really great and i think it will help me function better in the days. And meditation is also great , i think it’s a great way to relax the mind and im glad you’ve outlined the right way to do it so i can just follow it when im ready and buy the necessary products.

  13. Hey there

    I have friend that has just gone to India to become a yoga and meditation teacher.
    When I think of yoga to me it’s just like stretching and meditation I think of someone sitting there humming away! But I never really stopped and thought of the benefits and how each pose works on a different element!
    Thanks for the great posts
    Definitely made me want to try it out!
    Regards Hailey

  14. Hey Amit,
    Thanks for the step by step instructions. That takes the intimidation completely out of meditation. I really appreciate that reasons behind why you do certain things and what you are trying to accomplish. I noticed that you mentioned playing soft music. Do you think that aromatherapy could be implemented in this process?

  15. I meditate every morning when I wake up. I started at 5 min laying down and now do it with my legs cross for 10-15 min. I also listen to meditation music and have an essential oil on my palm for my breathing. In my meditation I have gratitude and daily affirmations. I hold a few min in the present then visualize the day and my goals and back to the present. Your post is very descriptive and I think everyone should meditate! Thank you!

  16. I’ve been trying to get into meditation for a while and it’s always been difficult for me. I really like the suggestions you provided in this article for beginners. I’ve tried practicing in a quiet place but never really focused on other things like incense or music. Will definitely try those next time! Starting with two minutes should also help. Thank you for this informative article!

  17. I have tried yoga and because I have a neck issue, I have had to either not do some of the poses or I modified them to what I thought would be okay for me. Is there any literature that has modification poses for someone with a neck injury?

  18. I was really intrigued by the video on “yoga”. Now I know there are 4 primary yogas.

    I have gone for yoga classes for a few years on and off, and have only associated “yoga” with the physical activity. Now I understand there is more to the word “yoga” and what it means!

    I encourage everyone to watch the video to understand the various yogas and what they mean and how they can benefit you: Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga and Raja yoga.

    I relate a lot to Karma yoga, which is selfless service unto others. Which means you offer your service but not being attached to the outcome. This is exactly what I’m learning in my mental health recovery (from Codependency).

    Your 8 tips on mindfulness for meditation is also very helpful for a meditation newbie like me 🙂 I’m currently learning what mindfulness means and practicing it in my daily life.

    ~ Girl @ girlintherapy
    Mental Health Blogger

  19. There seems to be a yoga pose for everything! I like how this is laid out in categories. The site is very easy to scroll through and find what is helpful for me. I also like the videos, as they are very beginner friendly, which is what I need. What in your opinion is the best brand of yoga mat to use?

  20. Nice post Amit! I’ve been doing meditation a lot for years myself, but personally my regime is more focused on Martial Arts and breathing, because when you are in the worst of situations in life, whether its a fight or a life or death situation, all you have is breathe, and i have found that with continuous daily regimes of deep breathing exercises, one can stay calm and able to apply common sense no matter what is happening around us.

    But what you say about having the correct positioning for mediation is really important, also relaxing music in silence is also really good if possible.

    Thanks for sharing this deep and insightful post! Will share it around with my spiritual friends who are more inclined to this type system 🙂

  21. The world of yoga and meditation can be really overwhelming for someone who is knew to it all. Thank you for breaking it down with videos and clear explanations.

    With the steps you’ve given, I feel like I can do this myself without feeling too lost. Thanks for the read!

    1. Thanks Melissa for your visit to my site, I am glad you liked it.I suggest you start with simple yoga postures and then move to difficult ones, you automatically get the necessary knowledge when you start doing yoga.

  22. Yoga and Meditation are something that my wife and I thought to learn and practice. We just recently talked about it but from a different perspective. We thought about learning and experiencing vipassana.

    Where are not sure why as we don’t know much about any of those. what are the major differences between meditation and vipassana?

  23. I liked your use of the video. I have not been consistent in my practice, but I feel a lot better both physically and mentally when practicing yoga. You offer a clear explanation on how yoga is tied to Hinduism, and the benefits of daily meditation.

    I’m excited to try some of your meditation tips in my next session.

  24. A great insight into Meditation and how it can be done properly. I have tried it before but can never seem to get it right but after reading your article I can seen I was missing some ideas so will definitely giving it another go. Also some of positions I havent heard of before so will give it a go.

  25. I love yoga!!! Your post is really informative and it made me learn more about yoga. I have been doing it for several years now, but apparently, I haven’t learned the theoretics of this meditating workout activity. Thanks for sharing this! Keep posting more yoga, self-help, and meditation workout articles and information. 🙂

  26. Hi Thank you for this website. I love yoga and do it when I can. I did not know that there were 4 different types of yoga. I just thought it was Hatha only. Thank your educating me further on that. As a parent, yoga of service is interesting to me.
    I was just wondering what technique do you personally use?

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