Complete Yoga & Meditation Guide.

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What Is Yoga & Meditation?

Yoga And Meditation Guide

Meditation is the process of concentrating with eyes closed, it may be on any of  the following

  1. Tip Of Nose.
  2. In Between Two Eyes.
  3. Or On The Breathing.

As we  concentrate on these parts with our eyes closed, initially lots of thoughts tend to come in our mind making it difficult to focus, but as we stay focused our mind starts getting into control, it starts to calm down, worries tend to disappear, time tends to slow down and we feel bliss from within, we start enjoying “Being Ourselves”.We tend to find solutions to our life problems.

Meditation is to be done at a place where there is silence and no noise or distraction.

You may sit in whichever position you feel comfortable, you may even do it in sleeping position.

You can create a good environment for practice with dim lights and light incense sticks for good odor in the room or place, Or you can simply go out in nature and find a quiet place for your self where there is no one to disturb you.

So basically it is the process of taking control of your mind, which keeps wandering here and there.

We neither live in past nor in the future but in the present if we practice Meditation.

Best suitable time is in the morning before sunrise but can be done anytime and anywhere you like.


You can start with 2 minutes in the beginning and you can do it as much as you like later.

In the starting, you may feel a little disturbed in the head for 2 days but you start feeling normal after 3 days and after a week you start enjoying it. It is that simple and you do not need to have some “Guru” or “Swami” to teach you about it although having one is always advisable.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips.

To get maximum benefit from one session or sitting of meditation it is a must to create a proper, healthy environment for meditation.

First, one is find a silent, peaceful and calm place to meditate, it is easier to meditate in the silent place and after getting your mind gets in your own control you can meditate in any noisy as well as a crowded place too.

What is Yoga And Meditation?

Secondly find a place such that no one would disturb you for that session of 2mins,5mins,10mins,20mins,1hour and so on and even if anyone calls you or disturbs you don’t give a response or come out of meditation even if it is for a good deed or important deed.

Third there should be a good odor or fragrance in the room where you are going to meditate ,you can place some flowers near the place where you meditate or you can burn incense sticks it helps you to immerse deep  into yourself fast and helps you get a mind with no thoughts and a mind which is calm, clean and peaceful.

what is yoga and meditation?

The fourth important thing is Asana or sitting pose. Always take care to keep your backbone straight while meditating as attaining meditative mind is the flow of thoughts through the spine from head to tailbone near hips. If possible you should sit in Padmasana or Lotus pose, as it is the best pose for meditation but if not possible you can sit in cross-legged position too, if that is also not possible you can sit in chair with backbone in straight position and if that is also not possible you can do it in sleeping position too, to get a mind whom you have conquered and listens only to you and no longer runs here and there.

You may practice sitting in Padmasana or Lotus Pose along with your daily practice of meditation to get the most of your session of meditation.

Fifth and one of the important things is you can play some light music, which is not too heavy music or some rough songs from movies but good old music or relaxing music, some good relaxing music with some kind words and meaning and it relaxes mind, helps to calm your mind fast and we get   deeply immersed into ourselves fast and it helps you to focus on your meditation. There is lots of guided meditation music available online too.

what is yoga and meditation?

The Sixth element is how much time should we meditate.

In the beginning, you can start by practicing meditation for about 2minutes daily and increase your time to as much as you wish, but for a normal person having family and job and daily work routine you should practice meditation for min 20 minutes.

The Seventh Element is Guru: Always think in mind that you are practicing meditation in front of your Guru whoever he/she may be, where ever he/she may be in the world.

What is Yoga And Meditation?

Eighth ElementChanting of “OM”.Om is a word who’s chanting during meditation connects you to the universe, There is a To And Fro Connection from the Universe with the person who is meditating. Your body becomes ready to acquire superpowers from the highly powerful Gurus that are already meditating in the Himalayas for years.

Ninth ElementKeep a light smile on your face while doing meditation, do not be under any pressure or under tension or don’t hassle to finish up the meditation.

So, friends, these are the nine things that I have mentioned here that help you to get most from your sessions of meditation.

All of them are available at almost no cost, so friends don’t just try to meditate without all this but make your meditating experience the best and gain the most from your predetermined session.

These tips are essential for beginners because it is difficult to control the mind in the beginning as you gain experience and control over your mind you will be able to meditate in any worse conditions too and you can just be yourself and enjoy your life and time of your life to the fullest.


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