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                Welcome to “Myyogaproducts.com”               What Is Yoga And Meditation?                        

My name is Amit Popat Misal.

I am from  India, the birthplace of Yoga and Meditation.

I have a passion for exercise, reading, writing, traveling, gardening and meeting new people.

I am the author of this site and the tips given here are from my personal experiences.

I have made this site to share my personal experiences of Yoga and Mediation for the benefit of others.

I am an entrepreneur by profession, On this website, I have given you some tips about  “Yoga and Meditation”.You Can Search my site on Google at https://myyogaproducts.com.I am also the author of another site


All the things mentioned here on this website are from my personal experiences of about 20 years.

Yoga is a very vast topic to be shared and discussed and I have made a short attempt at promoting Yoga as well as Meditation for those who are interested in living a healthy life.

Please feel free to share your experiences, doubts, queries, problems with us if you are already practicing Yoga so that others can benefit, by writing into the comments section below.

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Hope You Enjoy My Site…… Namaskar!

***Long Live Hinduism***Long Live Buddhism***Long Live Christianity***Long Live Islam***