Attending The Yoga Classes For Learning Yoga.


Well, the answer is YES AND NO!!!!!!!!

Let’s see first why it is necessary to take a Yoga class?

1) You do Yoga Class under the guidance of a Yoga Instructor who knows the pitfalls and the risk involved.

2)There is no risk involved or at least less risk involved for eg in case of pregnancy.

3)The instructor shows you the perfect way to master difficult poses with ease.

4)Instructor advises you which poses are suitable for you and which are not suitable for you if you are suffering from ailments like heart attack, back pain, frozen shoulders etc.

5)It is the long practice and knowledge of the instructor that shows you the best cure for your pain.

6) Mostly instructor has very secret knowledge that he/she has attained from years long of practice which he shares only with his students or disciples.

7)It is necessary to have a “Guru” can also be called as Instructor in understanding Yoga and meditation better.

8)Difficult Yoga poses require personal attention and experience and knowledge of the one who already knows it.


Now let’s See why there is NO need to take a Yoga Class.

1)If your budget is tight to attend the Yoga class there is no need to take a Yoga Class.

2)You can start practising with simple yoga poses at the beginning that does not require an instructor.

3)If you cannot manage the timing of the Yoga Classes due to your work schedule there is no immediate need for Yoga Class.

4)If You have a good cd’s, books, TV Channels that can teach you Yoga there is no need to Take a Yoga class.

MY ADVICE: It is not at all necessary to worry much about practising Yoga, you can take Yoga practice as your time, health, condition suits you.The only care you should take is that it is necessary to do it consistently so you do not lose out the flexibility that you have attained with your practice.