Benefits Of Yoga Asanas.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas
Shirshasana Yoga






In This Article Of  Benefits Of Yoga Asanas, We Are Going To Discuss Some Benefits Of Yoga.

Yoga which means “Union” truly unites Body with  Mind, Heart, and Soul.

And the problems with Body like a pain in muscles, joints are easily cured.Also, the problems that arise from Mind like depression, anxiety, tension can be cured along with some heart-related problems like Blood pressure high or low, breathing etc. and all these three when becoming stable it gives peace to our inner  Soul.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas







Though the effects and benefits of Yoga are infinite we will state some benefits here.

1)It makes your body more flexible and increases strength:

The flexibility of the body is very much important in our day to day functioning of Life.It makes us more efficient to do daily activities.

2)It improves the personality of a person from both inside and outside.

as it improves body posture, behavior and from inside we become more optimistic towards life and nothing in the world seems to impossible.

3)It stops pains in your muscles, joints within just days of practice and saves you from harmful side-effects of medicines as well as save your money and valuable time.

4)It helps to reduce weight which is a very common problem in developed and developing nations which has arisen due to lack of exercise and wrong lifestyle.

5)It helps you look young and stops aging.

6)It relieves stress and tension that has been accumulated in your body because of daily work routine.

Benefits Of Yoga Asana
The Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana Pose

7)It helps to cure respiratory and breathing problems by providing sufficient and necessary blood flow to the heart.





8)It is helpful in mental problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia, tension etc.

9)It has a cure for infertility the in case of both males and females.

10)It immunizes your body and increases vitality.

These are “Top 10 Benefits of Yoga” friends, hope these are enough to encourage you to start the Yoga practice.

  Benefits Of Yoga Asanas For Men.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas

1)It increases strength in muscles and gives more energy.

Some specific asanas/poses are very helpful to improve strength in muscles

2) It improves vitality and vigor.

benefits of yoga asanas


3)It improves personality of a person from not only outside but from inside

for example, if you wish to make your hands look more attractive pose like Bhujangasan is very helpful.

To improve chest pose like Garudasana is very helpful thus you can perform different asanas/poses for different parts of the body.

Asana/Pose like Tadasana, pain: Parvatasana makes you look tall and also helps to increase height.

4)Pose like Vajrasana is helpful for the proper functioning of reproductive organs in males also improves fertility in males.

5)Helpful to get relief from pain in back, neck, legs, shoulders etc

6)Asana/Pose like Simhasana is helpful for thyroid cure and eyes in both males and females.

7)Yoga increases confidence makes you optimistic towards life.

benefits of yoga asanas

8)Is helpful in heart-related problems like blood pressure, heart attack, breathing problems.

9)It helps to lose weight, fight obesity and gives proper shape to your body.

10)It helps to improve body balance which we tend to lose as we grow old.

 Benefits of Yoga Asanas On Women’s Health.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas
Parvatasana Pose Or Mountain Pose





The benefits are infinite but we have discussed some of them

1)It increases flexibility: The benefits of Yoga are many but the earliest benefit you get from yoga is flexibility. This benefit has no restriction of age.It is suitable for young, middle-aged and mature ones.

2) It enhances your personality: Personality of a woman of whatever age she may be is enhanced the b the practice of Yoga as it makes physical and positive mental changes in her.

3)Helps to solve infertility issues: Infertility is not only caused because of biological reasons but also due to mental stability.Yoga helps you gain positive attitude thereby solving your problems.

4)Improves Immunity and Vitality: Immunity is greatly increased as there is proper blood flow throughout the body.

5)Makes you mentally strong: Women is naturally stronger than men mentally, but problems coming to life can disturb your life. It helps to keep a positive attitude and give a strong approach to problems the in life of whatever intensity they may be.

6)It can cure pain: It can cure pain in joints, muscles, back, neck, shoulders, waist, legs without medicine as we all know that medicine does come with its side effects too.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas
Bhujangasana Or The Cobra Pose

7)It helps during pregnancy to establish a good connection between baby and mother & have a healthy baby and post pregnancy to regain the body shape and strength.It also eliminates the fear of pregnancy and childbirth.

8)Stops Premature Aging: Yoga helps to fight aging and makes you look and feel and look younger.

9)It regulates irregular menstrual cycles.

 Benefits Of Yoga Asanas For Children.

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas

  1. It helps to increase height: Most parents are worried about the height of their children.Yoga asana/pose like Tadasana if done by children is very much helpful for an increase in height of children.
  2. Develops a positive mental attitude in children: Children are very sensitive and daily practice of yoga helps them to make optimistic attitude towards life and society and makes them a capable citizen of tomorrow.
  3. Helps develop Immunity: It helps children to fight against diseases
  4. Develops Personality: Yoga poses are really helpful to develop body structure as well as the healthy mind in children.
  5. Improves Concentration: Children tend to concentrate more on their studies with daily yoga practice.
  6. Improves Flexibility and Strength: Children become more flexible and have more strength with the practice of Yoga.
  7. Keeps their mind calm: Children who are short-tempered or hypersensitive tend to calm down.

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