Best Yoga Videos

We have collected some of the best yoga videos to help you get cured without medicine.

A) Yoga Poses For Back Pain Cure

We all know there are two types of back pains

  1. Lower Back Pain

    The Yoga Pose suggested for Lower Back Pain is “Bhujangassana” meaning “The Cobra Pose“.Our body gets into the shape like a Cobra so called as Cobra pose..See Video

  2. It  is also helpful in getting rid of muscle knots, knots in the neck.
  3. Upper Back Pain.

    The Yoga pose suggested for upper back pain is “Shvannassana” meaning “The Dog Pose“. Our body gets into the shape like a Dog so called as a Dog Pose.See Video

B)Yoga Poses For Hearing Problems.

The best Yoga Pose suggested for hearing problems in Yoga is

Marjarassana” meaning “The Cat Pose“, As the cat is very sharp in hearing so does our hearing capacity increase with the practice of this pose. Please click here to See The Video.

C) Yoga Poses For Body Balance

The Yoga pose suggested for perfect body balance is

Vrukshassana” Meaning “The Tree Pose“.It helps you stand firm on the ground as our ability lessens as we grow old. It also tones and tightens your body muscles.

Click Here To See The Video

D)Yoga Poses  For Thyroid And Eyes

The Yoga pose suggested for healthy eyes along with thyroid cure is “Simhassana” meaning “The Lion Pose” In the Sanskrit Language. It is  to be done in the sitting position

Click The Video

  E) Yoga Poses  For Increase In Height.

The Yoga pose suggested for the increase in height is “Tadasanna“.

There is no restriction of age for height increase with the help of this asana.

If children do it daily their height will see a differential change in a few days and mature ones may look tall of whatever height and age they may be.

 F)Kapalbhatti Pranayama For Healthy Living: Weight Loss, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Cold, Cough.

Duration For Each Pose: To get good relief you must practice the pose for the duration of 20 minutes.


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