Get Better Sleep With Yoga.

How To Get A  Better Sleep With Yoga? Let’s Find Out Now.

We all need eight hours of sleep every day.If you have a regular sleeping pattern; that is, if you wake up and sleep at the same time every day, then you are believed to be a healthy person.

But in most cases, it happens that you get either excess sleep or almost no sleep at all.This is because of our work routines, at most of us have to work night shifts and sleep during daytime.Our work schedule changes our sleep pattern and we are unable to get a sound sleep.

What is the cure: Exercise minimum for 20 minutes and it should include physical activities.

How to get a better sleep

What is the cure in Yoga:

With the help of yoga, you can get cured of excess sleep or more sleep and also from less sleep.

So let us see what we can do if we are having less sleep;

If you are unable to sleep at nights this Yoga Asana called “Simhasana” meaning the “The Lions Pose” is really helpful.This asana will help you get sound sleep at night

Video Courtesy: ManojTheYogi

Do it for 3-4 times and it will help you gain sound sleep.

It is also helpful for thyroid.

Now, what if you are having more of sleep.

People those who are engaged in more brain-related activities than physical activities like those working on computers fall prey to an excess sleep disorder.

The cure in Yoga is simple and it is called”Bhujangasana” or the “The Cobra Pose”

It decreases your sleep, you do not feel sleepy all the time and you are able to focus clearly on your work.

Friends these are our suggestions on how to get a better sleep article.If you like them Do leave a comment below.

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