Guru And Meditation.

In This Article We  Will Discuss What Is Relationship Between Guru And Meditation Or Yoga:

Guru and Meditation
Gautam Buddha

Is it necessary to have a “Guru” for Meditation? , this is a thought that always comes to the mind of a beginner in meditation. The answer is Yes, it is highly advisable to have a Guru in meditation and yoga.

What is a “Guru”?

Guru is the one who guides you on the path towards the journey of learning meditation as well as yoga, he is the one who shows you do’s and don’ts in the journey, he is the one who helps you get through the obstacles and reach the final goal. So, Guru is one whom you firmly believe knows the path of meditation and yoga.It is just like taking guidance from a teacher who knows the subject well.

Where to get a “Guru”.

When you have decided or made up your mind to meditate,

it is necessary for you to have someone who can guide you.

It sometimes happens that you watch a video on youtube, or read a book, or attend a live session of someone who inspires you on the path towards meditation or yoga, then you can treat that person as your Guru. You have to treat and think of that person as a Guru, He becomes your Guru. You may or may not have any kind of relationship with that Guru. But in your mind, you have to assure your self that he is your Guru.

What if Guru is not with you?

Even if your Guru is not with you, you can firmly believe that he is my Guru on this road, he is with me and I am his disciple and continue your journey towards meditation. When you believe such a way, you get connected to your Guru automatically, often such a Guru have very high spiritual power and they know about it automatically. They can easily read your minds and they bless you in whichever place in the world you are.

” Who Can be Your Guru”:

Guru And Meditation
Jesus Christ

The person who knows the path of meditation and yoga very well according to you, who has very high respect in your mind and not of just others can be your Guru, he can be of any age, or of any sex. It is not necessary for him to be of a particular country only, he can be of any caste or creed or religion, he can be alive or not alive.

“How to Meditate in Absence of Guru”:

If you are not with your Guru, you can meditate by placing a photo/statue of him/her in your home. You can place some flowers in front of his statue/photo or you can also light a candle if you wish and start your practice. This way you are connected with your Guru and you don’t feel alone on the journey.


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