Guru And Meditation.

In This Article We  Will Discuss What Is Relationship Between Guru And Meditation Or Yoga:

Guru and Meditation
Gautam Buddha

Is it necessary to have a “Guru” for Meditation? , this is a thought that always comes to the mind of a beginner in meditation. The answer is Yes, it is highly advisable to have a Guru in meditation and yoga.

What is a “Guru”?

Guru is the one who guides you on the path towards the journey of learning meditation as well as yoga, he is the one who shows you do’s and don’ts in the journey, he is the one who helps you get through the obstacles and reach the final goal. So, Guru is one whom you firmly believe knows the path of meditation and yoga.It is just like taking guidance from a teacher who knows the subject well.

Where to get a “Guru”.

When you have decided or made up your mind to meditate,

it is necessary for you to have someone who can guide you.

It sometimes happens that you watch a video on youtube, or read a book, or attend a live session of someone who inspires you on the path towards meditation or yoga, then you can treat that person as your Guru. You have to treat and think of that person as a Guru, He becomes your Guru. You may or may not have any kind of relationship with that Guru. But in your mind, you have to assure your self that he is your Guru.

What if Guru is not with you?

Even if your Guru is not with you, you can firmly believe that he is my Guru on this road, he is with me and I am his disciple and continue your journey towards meditation. When you believe such a way, you get connected to your Guru automatically, often such a Guru have very high spiritual power and they know about it automatically. They can easily read your minds and they bless you in whichever place in the world you are.

” Who Can be Your Guru”:

Guru And Meditation
Jesus Christ

The person who knows the path of meditation and yoga very well according to you, who has very high respect in your mind and not of just others can be your Guru, he can be of any age, or of any sex. It is not necessary for him to be of a particular country only, he can be of any caste or creed or religion, he can be alive or not alive.

“How to Meditate in Absence of Guru”:

If you are not with your Guru, you can meditate by placing a photo/statue of him/her in your home. You can place some flowers in front of his statue/photo or you can also light a candle if you wish and start your practice. This way you are connected with your Guru and you don’t feel alone on the journey.

10 thoughts on “Guru And Meditation.”

  1. I have always thought of yoga as an activity for women. But, it looks as if the Gurus are men. That must mean that, as a man, I am included, too.

    I have often thought that yoga may be the way to achieve peace in both body and mind. Some of my friends who practice yoga seem to be healthy and more in control of themselves when compared to other friends.

    Can my wife and I be a Guru for each other? Or, should we look for someone who has more experience with yoga?


    1. Thanks Jim for visit to my site and your comment, Yoga is an activity which can be done by everyone, male ,females ,children,matured,young and old, it is beneficial for everyone,Guru’s also can be men as well as women it depends on you whom to select.For example if you join a Yoga class or meditation class somewhere then that person who teaches you Yoga and meditation, who shows you the correct path becomes your Guru.It is just a matter of taking knowledge and guidance from the one who knows more of it.If you know more about Yoga or Meditation and your wife wants to take guidance from you ,who knows nothing,then you automatically become her Guru and vice versa, in short Guru means a teacher who knows the subject well.If you are learning on your own then you become your own guru,if you are learning from other then that other person becomes your Guru.Instead of becoming each others guru I would suggest you to find someone else who knows the path well,you can have a common guru

  2. Interesting aricle on guru and medication, I have found meditation to be very useful for my own health and having a guru would be awesome to receive even more of the benefits.

    I do meditation often during my day, especially when I am feeling mentally exhausted this gives me a energy boost physically and mentally.

    I enjoy the guided meditation products the most, it is like having your own personal guru right there with you.

    1. I am glad you liked my post, If you are already practicing meditation having a Guru would be more beneficial,what you have said is right guided meditation products are like your guru’s, but only for that period or session of your meditation.

  3. My Guru would be Dalai lama for inspiration and as my guide for meditation, quite simply there is a calm and serenity there, very humbling indeed.

    I have learnt an awful lot from your post and intrigued enough to want to take up meditation, my Dr said that it will help reduce my Blood Pressure 🙂

    1. Thanks June for visit to my site,It is essential to have a Guru if wish to achieve big goals,Guru is like a teacher who shows you the path to your final goal,Dalai Lama is a great spiritual leader and you can treat him as your Guru,Yoga and Meditation will definitely bring a positive effect on your body and mind.Meditation would calm your mind.

  4. Your site is very educational, I have very little to no knowledge in yoga and meditation. There is so much to it! I have become curious to learn more about this field, especially when it’s so beneficial to your body and mind! I had no idea there is yoga for a specific body part or for improving a certain health condition, like bad breath! Very interesting 🙂

    1. Thanks Angie for your visit to my site.It is important to start the yoga practice somewhere ,your knowledge increases with practice.Yoga can be applied to specific body parts too,for example cure back pain,cure pain in shoulders,legs,other health conditions like bad breath,infertility,eyesight everything can be taken care off.

  5. You’ve got some great products on here. I’m always on the lookout for new approaches to yoga, books about it and products .

    It’s interesting to read what you wrote about gurus as well – I had never really appreciated the importance of a guru, whether a physical person with you or a guide on a dvd etc.

    Thanks for an interesting post 🙂

    1. Thanks Louise for a visit to my site,there is variety of material available related to Yoga both offline and online.Having a Guru saves your time and efforts both and you can achieve your goal more quickly.The Guru has to be physical person whoever he may be you can just decide in your mind

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