How To Be A Yoga Instructor?

How To Be A Yoga Instructor?
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In This Article We Will Discuss How To Become A Yoga Instructor?
How To Be A Yoga Instructor?
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Yoga has infinite benefits for health and the whole world has accepted that, so if you have a flair for teaching, yoga classes can be the good and lucrative source of income for the person of any age and gender.If you have experience of practicing yoga for a year and you know the exact precautions to be taken while doing yoga you are almost done to start a Yoga Studio or Yoga Class of your own.

You can start with  teaching your students Basic Yoga Poses which are easy  to practice and then move to intermediate and then to difficult ones, you can teach them some basics of yoga like what is asana/pose?,how much time to allocate for a particular pose? how to enter into a particular yoga pose? , how to come out of yoga pose? and if you take proper precaution, not to stress much overdo, what are the benefits of that particular asana/pose? which asana to do for a particular problem related to health.You can take a meditation and pranayama session along with it.

The major benefit of becoming a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Instructor is that you yourself get to practice yoga along with others and you just have to guide others and ask others to follow you, The other important benefit is that when you teach others you gain a very deep knowledge of that subject also from the experience and solving problems of others.

The only thing  you have to do first is to  enter into the world of Yoga then your own body starts speaking and asking for more of Yoga from you and starts guiding you on the path or journey

How To Be A Yoga Instructor?
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You can take help of book’s and Dvd’s available easily in the market to guide yourself and others.

Online Yoga Instructor Courses are also available with theory as well as practical, one of the best online course is by Kaivalyadham and you can access it at

BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute of Pune, India is also one of the best institutes which train you to become a yoga instructor, they have various certification levels to become a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.It has courses specially designed for the students residing outside of India.


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