How To Be Brave With Yoga Pose.

How To Be Brave With Yoga Pose.

Respect And Confidence For A Person In The World Depends A Lot On The Bravery Of A Person. Most Of The Times, A Person Who Is Brave Is Looked Up As An Ideal And With Respect. You Need To Be Brave To Be Successful Person In Life. Also If You Are Feared Of Anything People Sometimes Take Disadvantage Of You Or You Are Also Mistreated. In This Article, We Will Find Out How To Be Brave With The Help Of Yoga Pose.

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Ancient Yoga System Developed These  2 Yoga Poses That Are Helpful To Make And Feel You Like A Brave Person. Not Only From Outside From From Your Root Or Mind.

The First One Is The Lion Pose Or Simhassana Yoga.

The Lion Pose If Done Daily Eliminates Or Reduces Your Fear And Makes You Braver.

The Name Itself Suggest “SIMHA” Means A Lion And Helps You Gain Properties Of  Lion Like Strength And Fearlessness.

This Asana Is Also Useful In Maintaining Youthfulness. It Eliminates Stress And Tension From Your Face And Brings In More Glow And Confidence.

Simhasana Is Also Very Helpful In Thyroid Related Problems.

Simhasana Also Improves Your Eyesight.

The Lion Pose May Make You Feel Sleepy If You Practice It In Excess. So Practice It As Much As You Need. Or You Can Also Practice “Bhujangasana” Pose After Simhasana Pose To Feel Less Sleepy.


The Second Pose Is Veerasana:

The Word “Veer” In Sanskrit Means Brave, And The Person Who Practices This Asana Looks And Resembles A Brave Person. As This Name Implies This Asana Is Especially Helpful In Increasing Bravery.

How To Do Veerasana Check video Below:

So Friends If You Practice These Two Asana Daily, It Will Help You A Lot In Eliminating All Kinds Of Fear And Be Brave.

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