How To Be More Active?

how to be more active?

How To Be More Active?What Are The Disadvantages Of Not Being Active, What Is Cure In Yoga?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to live an active lifestyle and how to be more active.

It is very important in life to be very active or even your “Boss” may fire you if he finds you less active physically.Also, no one likes a person who is less active and it makes you feel dumb and lazy.It has a negative effect on your personality too.A person who is more physically active creates a good impression among his family members and his friends and society to be more active?

When we are a child, we are very active physically but as we grow up our body movements decrease and we become less active physically.

It may also result in depression, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

Less amount of physical activities increases laziness.

How To Be More Active: What Is The Reason For Not Being Active?

We may feel that we become old and so our physical activities have lessened, but that is not the case.Activities like sitting on the computer for long in one place at work, watching TV for long, or playing video games are also some of the reason behind the less physical activity.

Who Is More Active Physically?

People doing exercises regularly are physically more active.

Practicing activities like gym, yoga, aerobics, jogging, meditation, dancing, cycling, increase physical activities.

There are a variety of sports like basketball, touch football, soccer, softball, tennis.

You can also consider playing

You can also find a partner who is already engaged in these activities so that you too can benefit without needing any motivation.

How To Be More Active: Waking up early in the morning: The habit of waking up early in morning is also very good for living an active lifestyle.The later you wake up the lazier you feel throughout the day.The people who wake up early are found to be physically and mentally active naturally.

How To Be More Active: Avoid eating heavy food like meat and other non vegetarian which hamper your physical activity and have leafy green vegetables.Take a glass of milk every day as milk is said to be the best food available for all ages.Also, follow a balanced diet.

How To Be More Active: Eat lots of fruits: Foods provide us the energy necessary to live a healthy life, try to eat as many fruits you can have.

How To Be More Active: Try Fasting: Fasting increases metabolism of our body, try to fast for a day in one week.If you feel like having anything have only fruit juices.

How To Be More Active: Eat less than necessary at dinner: Never eat full at night, it is good to eat somewhat less than necessary.You can have full breakfast and lunch but avoid having the full stomach of dinner as it brings in more pressure on the heart and digestive systems because we are less active at night in sleep.

How To Be More Active: Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it tends to disturb our body routine.

How To Be More Active: Play with children: Children have very high energy levels and playing with children reminds us about our physical levels and how to make good use of our energy levels.It boosts our energy levels back to normal.

How To Be More Active: Keep a pet: Pets help to live an active life too, they themselves are active and engaging with them increase our activities too.They help to live a healthy and active life.

How To Be More Active: Do more of housework: If you are not finding time for exercise or for sports or outdoor activity, you can do some housework to keep your body in the motion.

How To Be More Active: Pursue some hobby: pursuing a hobby relaxes you mentally and physically thereby resulting in an increase of physical activity.

How To Be More Active? : What is the cure in Yoga to become physically more active?
Matsyasana(Fish Pose) is the best cure suggested in Yoga to become physically more active.

The practice of this asana makes us physically active like a fish hence called as “Matsyasana”.

How To Be More Active?: How To Do Matsyassna?:

First Sit with legs crossed in Padmasana(The Lotus Pose) and then lie down on the back in the same position.Hold your toes with hands.Breathe normally and while exhaling return to normal.Be In this state for about 2 minutes.

How To Be More Active?: Precautions:

Do this exercise with empty stomach or minimum 1 hour after having food.

This exercise is not suitable for beginners in Yoga.

Also, patients with insomnia and migraine are asked to abstain from the Fish Pose.

Enter into the asana slowly and exit from the asana at the same pace.

If you are not able to sit in Padmasana, you can also sit cross-legged.

How To Be More Active: Other Benefits:

1)It brings a glow on your face and helps you to look more beautiful.

2)It helps in respiratory, thyroid and parathyroid problems and makes the spine more flexible.

See Matsyassana Video Here: Video Courtesy: Manoj Tyagi

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  1. Great post Amit! I really agree that meditation and being active is so important to living a healthy life in general. I have never heard of Matsyassna before, but after reading this post I definitely want to give it a try! I live fish so that makes sense and if it makes me more healthy then I can’t complain

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