Lose Weight Doing Yoga.

Can you lose weight doing yoga? What do you say!!!!!!!!!

Friends only way to lose weight or probably the body fat is by burning the fats.The fats get accumulated in different parts of our body like stomach, thighs, hips, arms etc.Always bear in mind that there is no shortcut and also never prefer for shortcuts in reducing weight or body fats,I would highly suggest you to avoid shortcuts like having harmful medication apart from herbal to reduce fats or weight, avoid dieting on your own, if you prefer to do dieting do it under the supervision of expert.

Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

Avoid excess or heavy exercise to get the results fast, rather than going for the results in one month or 15 days try to go for a proper scheduled exercise with a plan with minimum 1-year practice to get long time results.

There is a very good saying in case of weight loss”If you cannot run, Walk if you cannot walk, Crawl”.

Apply this rule and do not try to “RUN” directly, in the beginning, prefer to go step by step and win the race against obesity, weight loss, fat burn.

One of the most common, easy and simple exercise to reduce fat or weight is Walking.

It is the easiest exercise any person having more weight or fat can do.Walk for 1 km daily and regularly.Drink lemon juice as a supplement if you get tired.Lemon juice has the potential to dissolve fats and give you more energy.Try to take as much as fruits drinks as possible and stay away from junk foods, eat simple homemade food.

Yoga can help burn fats and reduce weight.

There are a number of Yoga poses that help reduces weight and burn fats.Also, there are poses that can remove fats from particular parts of the body like waist, thighs, chest, arms etc.

The first and most important one of Yoga Asana to reduce weight and body fats is “Sun Salutation”.It is 12 step exercise which you have to do daily for minimum 11 times, along with chanting of some mantras praising the Sun(Sun is treated as God as it gives life to earth).

Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

This Sun Salutation converts all your body fats into muscles, it tones your arms, legs, chest, back along with other body parts.It also gives strength to your body.It helps to reduce and control weight too.

This is an all in one yoga exercise to reduce weight.It gives the benefit of all other yoga poses done separately.

To see Sun Salutation click here.

Another simple method to burn fat and reduce weight is doing “Pranayama”.

“Kapalbhati Pranayam is found to be very effective and helpful in reducing weight”.

Pranayama is breathing in a particular pattern repetitively.

When we do physical exercise our body requires more oxygen or breathing, In Pranayama we supply more of oxygen to lungs by breathing in particular pattern to help reduce fats and weight.The increased amount of oxygen in body burns the fats fast.

Thus Pranayama is breathing pattern which can give us more energy, reduce fatigue and stress.It is the most simple way to reduce weight just by breathing for about 15 minutes.

Now in Pranayama there are 4 types of breathing exercises

  1. Kapalbhati
  2. Anulom Vilom
  3. Bhastrika
  4. Bhramari .

Out of these 4 pranayamas, we have to concentrate more on “Kapalbhati Pranayam” for weight loss.Just search on Youtube or Google for Kapalbhati Pranayam.

“Kapal” means” forehead” in Sanskrit and with the practice of this pranayama, you become as broad and sturdy as our forehead in our body.

It is to be done for 5 min daily once in the morning and once in the evening.

One precaution to be taken during doing this pranayama is to do it or learn it under the guidance of someone who knows it well, as doing it the wrong way can bring in more stress on your lungs or heart.

Also, consult your physician before doing pranayama if you have any heart-related problem.


How Yoga Helps To Reduce Weight:

There is a wide variety of material available for weight loss with the help of yoga, both online and offline.

Some yoga programs are specifically designed and developed and only targeted at weight loss, these can be really helpful to them who wish to reduce their weight with the help of Yoga.

I would say that instead of going for other programs like gym and dieting and harmful medications or surgeries for weight loss, go for such programs which are targeted at weight loss.Even if you will have to invest few dollars for it, it is a tried and trusted method and being used for thousands of years in eastern countries.There is almost no harmful or side effect for this type of weight reduction method.

Here I have tried to explain here how to reduce weight with yoga.


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