Meaning Of Hatha Yoga?

Today We Will See One Of The Very Famous Limbs Of Yoga, The Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga Is A Very Important Science And In Ancient Times The Yogi’s Used To Practice This Yoga For Longer Period Of Time To Raise The Level Of Their Consciousness, In Yoga Upanishad The Knowledge Of Hatha Yoga Is Used To Bring The Balance In The Physical And The Mental State.

As Now, The Whole The Whole Idea And The Technique Of Hatha Yoga Has Been Forgotten And There Is A Misconception About The Meaning Of Hatha Yoga. We Often Hear That Over Here We Don’t Practise Meditation We Do Physical Yoga. Hatha Yoga Is Not All About Physical Yoga.

The Word Hatha Comes From Two Sanskrit Mantra 1) HAM And 2) THAM

The Mantra HAM Represents The Solar Force(active energy) In Our Body while,

The Mantra THAM Represents The Lunar Force(passive energy) In Our Body.

As Per Tantra, These Two Forces Are Know As Ida And Pingala. And The Whole Process Of Hatha Yoga Is Bringing The Balance In Between These Two Forces Which Are Always Working Constantly In Our Body. Because Of The Interaction Of These Two Forces In Our Body We Are Able To Eat, Live, Think And Breathe.

So Yogis Think That These Two Energises Or Forces Should Be Balanced To Raise The Level Of Consciousness.

Theoretically Speaking The Whole Science Of Hatha Yoga COnsists Of 6 Purification Techniques And They Are





5)Kapalbhati and 6) Trataka.

But Later On, The Thinkers Made The Hatha Yoga A Complete Science By Adding Few More Things, At That Time The Practices Of Asana, Postures And Pranayama Were Added At That Time. Not Only That The Techniques Of Bandha And Mudras Were Also Added. Which Made The Hatha Yoga A Complete Science Of Yoga, To Raise The Chakra And To Bring In A Balance Between Ida And Pingla Nadi, And Once The Ida And Pingala Nadi Are Balanced There Is Another Channel Called As Sushena Is Activated Through Which The Energy Flows. So, Friends, This Is All About Hatha Yoga For Today.

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