More About Hot Bikram Yoga.

  Hot Bikram Yoga is a series of yoga postures in sequence. It has 26 postures and two breathing exercises, the temperature is kept at 105 degrees Fahrenheit and at about 40% humidity.

 It’s designed to work on all the systems of the body, starting with breathing exercise opening up the lungs, for improving oxygen in the body then move to the poses starting for the spine and to all the different areas, and the different systems of the body. 

While The postures are done always in the same order and thorough way, they are designed to work on your nervous system, your endocrine system, circulatory system. It works on detoxification improvement and improves flexibility along with strength.

 By the time you’re finished with the class, there’s no part of the body or system of the body that’s been left untouched by the yoga practice and it’s consistent anywhere you go in the world you’ll have a very similar experience 26 postures and breathing exercises in a hot room.

 Bikram Yoga is very popular around the world, people like it because it produces results. With an ordinary practice and it produces extraordinary results.

 Actually, founder of Bikram yoga , Bikram Choudhury was raised in India in Calcutta and when he came to the United States and started teaching yoga he found that the practice was effective but it wasn’t quite working like how it did in India.

So he experimented with the temperature of Calcutta to the yoga room and that’s when the magic started happening for people, it added the extra element of detoxification along with the health benefits of the yoga postures, it also helps loosen the muscles, it helps to prevent injury, it helps you to go a little bit deeper and it actually makes the postures more comfortable because if you try to do some of these yoga postures in a cold room the body becomes very stiff and rigid  and they’re hard to do and when you get into the heat of the room although it seems a little scary for most people, it’s very effective at loosening the body up .

So  you’re able to get into some of these postures a little more deeply than you would if you’re just practicing in a room temperature of space or even in a cold room

Learn More About Benefits Of Bikram Yoga In This Video.

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