Quick And Relaxing Yoga Moves

Need Relaxation Let’s Find Out Some Quick And Relaxing Yoga Moves Now.

We often feel very much tired because of our work schedule.In this article of “Relaxing Yoga Moves” Or “Relaxing Yoga Poses” we will stress upon Yoga poses that offer quick relaxation to body and mind in minutes.

When we are stressed we are often stressed at two levels at the level of “Mind” and at “Body” level.

What is the cure to remove stress from Mind:
Meditating Child

Meditation is the easiest way to get relaxation in minutes.It removes all the dirt that is accumulated in mind for days and makes you feel fresh and makes your thought process very clear.It eliminates all the negative things from the mind and makes your attitude positive towards life, it cures that mental wounds from inside.
So meditation in a meditative environment is a way to destress your mind quickly.

What is the quick way of relaxation for the body?

In yoga, there are poses which are specially designed to give rest or relaxation to the body.

Upon doing these poses you get good relaxation, which are these poses lets see?


1)Shavasana(The Corpse Pose): How To Do:
After lying on the back, relax the whole body and concentrate only on the breathing.Do this for min 20 minutes and you will feel more energetic after doing this, you will feel that all your stress in the body has disappeared.


2)Sashankasana: How To Do:
First, sit in Vajrassana, raise both your hands and bend forward, breathe normally, return after some time.
This asana provides relaxation in back, shoulders.


3)Makarasana(The Crocodile Pose): How To Do:
Lie down on your stomach first, cross the arms and keep the palms on the shoulders, place the head between the hands, keep the legs apart, breathe normally, do this for 20 minutes, this asana also gives you quick relaxation.

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6 thoughts on “Quick And Relaxing Yoga Moves”

  1. Great choice of yoga pose for relaxation, I do use this pose and must admit I was amazed how doing this yoga pose re-energized my body after doing it for only about 20-30 minutes.

    What other good relaxation poses could we do for good benefits for our bodies, love to know more of these poses to add to my yoga workouts

    1. Thanks Jeff for visit to my site, and I am glad to know that you started reaping the benefits of Yoga pose.Do give a try to “Shashankasana”&”,Makarassana” pose too that I have mentioned in the article. You will like it too.

  2. Thank you for sharing some great yoga tips to relieve stress. Many of us deal with the stress of life and having a certain technique to relieve the stress is optimal to having and maintaining our physical well-being.

    The Shavassana (The Corpse Pose) seems to be a great pose that will easily allow you to let all your stress go and let your mind become free. Do you recommend a certain location or room when practicing yoga in your home?

    1. Thanks for visit to my site,I am glad that you found the article helpful.I do recommend finding a quiet place or room where nobody disturbs you in your practice so that you can gain more and easy relaxation.

  3. This is such a good post on knowing the best relaxing yoga poses. I have recently began doing yoga occasionally to improve my flexibility, but these are really great poses to relax. I will be incorporating the crocodile pose into my daily exercise routine as it will help me relax and stretch out my muscles.

    1. Thanks Robert for visit to my site .Exercises can be sometimes tiresome and some days in daily exercise routine you do feel need for relaxation.The poses that I have suggested offer quick relaxation and rest.

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