What Is Peacock Pose Or Mayurasana?

What Is Peacock Pose Or Mayurasana?

Mayurassana means peacock pose. Let’s explore this Pose, and benefits of doing Mayurasana. It helps in balancing our body, mind and spirit. There are many postures of yoga, of which Mayurasana is considered the major posture. It helps to keep many diseases away. It gives relief in stomach problems. So Let’s Explore The right way to do Mayurasana and its benefits.

Mayurasana Yoga Meaning –

Mayurasana is the Sanskrit language word derived from two words, the first word is “Mayur:” which means  “Peacock” and the second word means “Asana:”. In English, this asana is called Peacock Pose, as its position looks like a peacock. It seems as if the peacock is standing in its resting state. Mayurassan has many benefits. But this pose is difficult. It requires a lot of practice to do. We can do it easily after practice. In this posture, the entire weight of our body is on both our hands. So let’s find out in detail how to do Mayurassana?.

How do you practice Peacock pose?

Seeing the benefits of Mayurasana, every person wants to do this pose, but due to lack of complete knowledge of this asana, it becomes difficult to do it, now I am going to explain the method of doing Mayurasana in detail by which you can do this asana easily.

● To perform Mayurasana, first of all, sit on the knees on a mat, placed on a clean place.

● Place your hands on the ground, in such a way that your hand fingers point towards your feet.

● Keep both feet close to your knees.

● You should have both hands between your knees.

● After this, close the elbow of your hand well on your stomach, in which both your elbows should be right-left of your navel.

● After this, straighten both your legs backwards.

● Now tilt your body forward and try to gently tilt the entire weight of your body towards your head.

● Keep your body upward by keeping your body weight balanced on both hands. In this, only your hands will be connected to the ground and the remaining part will be above the ground.

● Depending on your ability, you can stay in this pose for a longer time.

● To get back to your initial position, bring your feet down to the ground.

Benefits of Mayurasana:

What Is Peacock Pose Or Mayurasana?
Yogi Doing Mayurasana.

Yoga has been an identity of our culture since ancient times and is still today. Many types of health problems are overcome through yoga. Evidence of this is also found in many of our literary texts.  Regular use of Mayurasana detoxifies the body.

● So that it protects the body from problems like tumours and fever. If you also want to keep your life healthy and safe. So you have to learn the right way to do Mayurasana from a qualified guru. Then you can include it in your daily life.

● It is this yoga that provides many health benefits. Studies show that in people doing Mayurasan, it keeps the digestive organs healthy. In addition, doing Mayurasana promotes blood circulation in the stomach. Thereby strengthening the stomach and its innards.

● People who have diabetes problem. Mayurassana is nothing short of treatment for them. It is said that by regularly doing Mayurasan, it can control the level of blood pressure in the body. This happens because the extra energy of our body is expended while performing Mayurasan. Due to which fat and blood glucose present in the body is used. Thus, the body consumes excess sugars present in the body to produce additional energy. Which helps in controlling blood sugar level. Apart from this, the benefits of Mayurasan are also known to reduce the symptoms of haemorrhoids.

● This “yoga” is considered very beneficial for men lacking fertility. Apart from this, Mayurasana is also beneficial for women. It regularly helps in reducing the symptoms of menstruation and menopause when women do Mayurasan. In addition, it improves sexual activity. With which we can take advantage of our sex life.

● You can get the benefits of Mayurasana to strengthen your bones. It is said that performing Mayurasana strengthens the shoulders, elbows, wrists and spinal cord.

● Apart from this, it also activates and stimulates your internal organs. By doing Mayurasana regularly, it activates our pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys and intestines.

Precautions Before Doing Mayurasana:

It is necessary to know the precautions before any yoga, so let’s move to the Mayurasana precautions.

● This posture should be done on an empty stomach.

● It is more beneficial to do this morning in the morning. If you are unable to do this asana in the morning, then you can do it in the evening but after 5 to 6 hours of food.

● If you have problems of high blood pressure, heart disease, hernia, peptic ulcer etc. then you should not do this asana.

● If you experience any kind of a pain in this posture, do not do it. And consult any yoga guru or Doctor. 

● It is easy and is miraculous, it is also harmful in some cases. Therefore, learn this asana by a qualified teacher and do it with them only.

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