Yoga Chest Exercises For Men And Women.

What Are The Best Yoga Chest Exercises For Men And Women?

Friends sometimes looking at the chest of hardcore bodybuilders or film stars, we feel that we should also have a beautiful broad bulky/curvy chest yoga chest exercises for men and womenlike them, but we also feel that it is very difficult to gain such a chest.Most of the gym goers fail to build a good looking chest as they cannot decide whether to focus on developing chest, abs, biceps, thighs etc.Or most of them often don’t know what is the correct way to build such chest.

Don’t worry I will show you how you too can build a good looking chest like them.

I will here share a solution provided in Yoga for building the beautiful chest.

The pose suggested in Yoga for beautiful chest in men and women is called “Garudasana” meaning “The Eagle Pose”.

It is believed that among the birds Eagle has the best chest hence the asana is named as Garudasana as we acquire a beautiful and the best chest like” The Eagle “or” The Bird Garud” with the help of this pose or asana.

You might be wondering that this asana may take quite a bit of time to get that chest but don’t worry it does not take much time and you can see the results within 15 days.

So watch the video Below to see how to do Garudasana or The Eagle Pose.

Do the pose with variations of legs and hands that is total 4 variations:

1)Right Leg-right arm

2)Right Leg-left arm

3)Left LEg-left arm

4)LEft leg-left arm

Some Precautions that are to be taken while doing the asana/pose are:

Consult a doctor or stop the practice of this asana if you experience any discomfort.ALSO SEE

1)Enter slowly into the pose/asana, stay in the pose for few seconds, and then come out of the asana/pose slowly.

2)Take the support of wall in the beginning if you need.

3)Do not overstress.

4)Never hassle to do the pose.

5) Last and the most important thing to do is “Do not forget to do “Shavasana” or the “Corpse pose” in the end.

Doing Shavasana not only gives you physical powers from the asana but also gives you mental as well as spiritual powers too.

What are the other benefits of Garudasana or the Eagle Pose?

1)It improves your eyesight especially your capacity to see distant objects increase.

2)Improves body posture.Yoga CHest Exercises for men and women

3)Improves body balance.

4)helps fight aging and maintains youthfulness.

5)Reduces the weight of the body and makes you feel lighter.

What are the other poses that are useful for the development of upper part of the body?

1)Parvatasana(The Mountain Pose)

2)Tadasana(The Palm Tree Pose)

3)Vrukshasana(The Tree Pose)

So friends start doing Garudasana from today to improve your personality and to get a good looking chest that you can flaunt in the crowd, or attract someone towards you.