Yoga For Bad Breath

Yoga And Bad Breath:

Bad breath can weaken your relationship with people however good you are by behaviour or nature. Most of the times the person having bad breath may not even notice why the other person is neglecting him or her. It is a very severe problem for the people who are always in verbal contact with other people, who have to convince people for something like buying or are related to public relations. Even your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife may neglect you if you are having this problem, however, love she may be having for you, and it may even affect your personal relationships to some extent. It is common in children, adult, men and women of all ages.

While we brush our teeth in the morning and at night, bad breath still remains because of the fact that it does not arise from the mouth but from the for bad breath

Brushing just removes the food particles from teeth and cleans the mouth.

Mouthwash also just flushes our mouth with fresheners and the problem is solved just for few hours.

While the gases generated in the stomach is the main reason for bad breath. Sometimes habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, having alcohol, beetle leaves may also result in bad breath.

If you are under any medication for a long duration then this may also result in giving bad breath.

Neglecting to go for the toilet may also result in bad breath as gases tend to accumulate into the body.

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What is the best temporary and a better cure to fight Bad Breath:

yoga for bad breath

You can keep a few cardamom seeds with you that we use in the kitchen, it gives a pleasant odour to your breath. Cardamom seeds not only freshen your breath but also recharges your mind, it has the ability to remove mental stress and fatigue. So this is the best option available if you cannot do Yoga. If you have the habit of eating mouth fresheners or chewing gums for bad breath then you must consider this option as well.

What is the solution in Yoga for Bad Breath:

The Lion’s Pose or “Simhassana” is the best permanent cure for bad breath, do this asana and you will be free from bad breath. This asana or pose helps to remove all the gases that are accumulated in your stomach or respiratory system. The fresh air pass into the stomach and respiratory system replacing bad gases with this pose and you are free from the problem.

To see how to do Lions Pose

How To Do Simhassana:

First sit in Vajrassana, Then take your thighs apart from each other. Place your palms below your thighs, put all the body pressure onto your hands. Now look upwards in between the eyebrows. Remove your tongue outside your mouth as much as possible and roar like a it for 3-4 times. Now slowly come back to the original position.

When and How many times to do this Asana/Pose?

Do this Simhasana Pose once in the morning and once in the evening daily. If you lack time then you can do it only once daily.

What precautions are to be taken while doing this Simhassana Pose/Asana:
  1. Do not do the pose in hassle.
  2. Do it on the mat on the ground or floor and never in bed or sofa.
  3. Enter into the asana slowly, remain in asana for some time, and then exit from the asana slowly. This is the proper way to do Simhassana.
  4. Do not overstress.
  5. Do not forget to do Shavasana or the Corpse pose, in the end, to get the benefit from the asana.

What are the other benefits of Simhassana:
  1. It is helpful for proper functioning and health of thyroid glands and it is useful for people suffering from diseases related to thyroid.
  2. As we have seen it eliminates bad breath.
  3. It gives strength to your eyes and also improves eyesight.
  4. It relieves facial muscles and makes you look more beautiful.
  5. It improves the strength of the body as blood gets circulated throughout the body while doing this asana.
  6. It helps you look younger and you can enjoy youthfulness with this asana.
  7. It also helps to increase your self-confidence if you are feeling low on self-confidence for yourself then this asana helps.
  8. It also improves blood circulation in the body.
  9. Helps to get good sleep at night.
  10. It improves digestion too.

So friends lets say bye to Bad Breath for forever by making friends with this powerful yoga asana called SIMHASANA(The LIONS POSE).


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