Yoga For Beautiful Hands & Arms

Yoga Exercise For Beautiful Hands & Arms.

Yoga Exercise For Beautiful Hands & Arms
Bhujangasana Pose

Which Is The Suitable Exercise For Beautiful Arms/Hands?This is the question many of the men and  women have, so we will show you the solution to this question  in this post.

 In Yoga The Solution To This Problem Is Very Easy And Simple And It Is Called “The Bhujangasana Pose” or “The Cobra Pose”

This pose is specially developed in Yoga for the health of hands(also called as bhuja in Sanskrit).

So get rid of all the problem related to your hands/arms/shoulders/back with this easy Bujangasana Pose Now.

So Let us see the video about Bhujangasana Pose or The Cobra Pose:

Let’s See How To Do Bhujangasana:

First Lay down on your stomach on the floor.

Put your palms below your shoulders

Keep your legs in line with your hands

rest your stomach and the lower part of your body on the floor.

Now try to raise your chest and back slowly pushing your hands downwards creating a stress on your palms.

Go as much upwards you can go.

Gaze the sky or the floor in this position for some time.

Now come down slowly bring the chest back to the floor at the same speed that you went upwards.Do not hassle.

This completes your Bhujangasana or the Cobra pose.

Yoga Exercise For Beautiful Hands & Arms
Bhujangasana Pose

This gives relaxation to your spine and problems related to spine like back pain, pain in waist etc are cured easily within minutes.

Also it helps to

1)maintain your hands,

2)it helps to  get rid of flabby arms,

3)Also cures pain in arms hands and shoulders,

4)Removes weakness in arms,

5)It helps you get skinny arms,

6)Help lose weight in arms,

7)It relieves tension in your hand’s muscles.

8)Increases blood flow to the hand’s muscles

9)makes your hands look more attractive and beautiful.

10)Tones the muscles of your hands.

What are the other benefits of Bhujangasana or The Cobra Pose:

1)Relieves back pain,

Yoga Exercise For Beautiful Hands & Arms
Bhujangasana Pose

2)Gives strength to the spine,

3)Helps in depression,

4)Increases blood flow to your hands and body and makes you feel more healthy and energetic,

5)Improves your personality or the body posture,

6)Increases flexibility of the spine,

7)Strengthens the heart,


Precautions: Consult the Doctor before doing this exercise if you have a fracture or any kind of problem of hands, spine or neck.

Tip: Do not Forget to do Shavasana Or The Corpse Pose after this exercise to gain complete benefits from the practice of the pose/asana.