Yoga For Eyesight Improvement.

This Article Yoga For Eyesight Improvement  Discusses: How We Can Improve Our Eyesight With The Help Of Yoga?

There are two asanas/poses on which we can focus mainly on eyesight improvement

1)Simhasana(The Lion Pose): To see video Click Below.

Video Courtesy: Dr Manoj Tyagi

How To Do Simhassana:

First sit in Vajrasana,move your knees apart so that you can place your palms below your thighs,now bend forward and put all your weight on the arms,move your neck upwards and look in between the two eyebrows,remove your tongue out as far as possible and roar like a lion,for three to four times.

Benefits: 1).It increases blood flow to your face and removes wrinkles and makes you look young.

2)It has a positive effect on thyroid glands and it solves thyroid related problems

3)It also improves your eyesight especially the strength of eyes.

2)Marjarasana(The Cat Pose)

To See Video Click Below.Video Courtesy: Manoj Tyagi

How To Do Marjarasana: Kneel down on your knees putting your palms on the floor pointing in forwarding direction.

Keep equal distance between the palms and knees.

keep your backbone straight

Now arch your back by taking your stomach inside as much as possible and neck facing downward, make the backbone straight again, repeat this two or three times.


It improves hearing capacity.

It improves eyesight too (useful in night blindness).

3)Garudassana: How To Do Garudasana:

Just entangle your right foot around left foot: then 1)entangle your right hand around left hand

2)repeat the same by entangling your left hand around right hand.

Now entangle your left foot around your right foot and then

1)entangle your right hand around the left hand

2)repeat the same by entangling your left hand around right hand.

Join or overlap palms of both the hands over each other.

This pose requires some practice initially and balance as well so do it by standing near the wall for support.


1)This Yoga pose improves your eyesight especially if you are suffering from long sightedness.

2)It also makes your chest look more beautiful.




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