Yoga Mat.

Why Do You Need A Yoga Mat?

Yoga Mat is the most important thing that you need after your 1) “Heart”(that has decided to pursue Yoga).

2)Clothes(The most comfortable ones) for your daily Yoga practice.Yoga Mat

The meaning of “asana” is “to sit” and we have to do most of yoga poses/asanas in comfortable sitting position. The precaution to take while doing sitting yoga poses is never done Yoga poses while just sitting on the ground or floor, take a good mat and do Yoga poses/asanas while sitting on it, it connects and adheres you firmly to the ground which is very much essential in your Yoga practice.It also encourages you to daily yoga practice.

Which Mat To Buy?

There are many mats available in the market specially designed for the practice of Yoga, you can buy them as your budget allows, but while buying them you should take care that it will not slip easily while doing poses, it should provide you good warmth and comfort.



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