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Yoga Pose For Better Digestion

Want to know the Best Yoga Pose For Better Digestion !!!!!  So Let’s Go…..

yoga pose for better digestion
Vajrasana Pose

Digestion is the main factor which is to be considered if you are facing obesity or having the problem related to gas in stomach or other problems like constipation, piles etc.

In modern work routines, there is very low physical activity involved which makes the case even worse. We sit in front of computers whole day in one sitting position, we somehow manage to have a breakfast in the morning, lunch in afternoon and dinner in the evening.

While heavy breakfast and medium lunch is advisable during the daytime, the dinner should be low at night, you should eat less than necessary at night to be fit.

If you eat more in the night, it brings in more stress on the stomach, you start feeling uneasy, it increases the diameter of your stomach you, fats start to accumulate in your body worsening the condition and you become the victim of obesity.

Since more of your time and energy is wasted on digestion activity, it also makes an effect on your sleep and you become restless during sleep at night.

Improper sleep affects your day to day activities and work schedule making you feel sick and also less energetic.

So Digestion Is More Important Particularly At Night:


Though pills are available for proper digestion one should avoid relying on such pills as far as possible and focus mainly on increase in physical activities.

What is cure suggested in Yoga?

The Ancient Lifestyle of Yoga definitely has a good and easy solution for this problem.

The Yoga pose called as “Vajrassana” is very helpful in problems related to digestion.This yoga asana/pose is to be done after having lunch or dinner at least for 10 minutes.

It is a very easy pose to do and even a novice in yoga can do it.

If you make it a habit to sit in Vajrassana after lunch and dinner problems mentioned above will never come near you.

yoga pose for better digestion
Vajrasana Pose

How To Do Vajrassana:

First sit with legs stretched then bend your right leg and place the right foot under the right hip, similarly bend the left leg and place the left foot under left hip, now sit comfortably and relaxed in between the heels, keep your back straight, also keep both the palms on your thighs.

So friends lets say bye bye to digestion problems with this simple yoga exercise.

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