Yoga Poses For Meditation.

When we decide to sit for “Meditation” one question that often comes to our mind is how should we sit ( which asana)  or “What Sitting Meditation Poses”should we adopt.

While we can practice Meditation in any comfortable positions as we feel, but there are certain “Sitting Meditation Poses” also which are especially useful and helpful for quick results, maximum and good results in Meditation.These Meditation Poses also provide ease during meditation so that you can focus more on your meditation practice.

Let’s see these Sitting Meditation Poses one by one.

1)Sitting Meditation Poses: Pose 1:Vajrassana: Vajrassana is pose in Yoga,  in which practice of meditation can be done. This pose helps to gain control over mind quickly. Also, this pose offers relaxation and you can sit for longer sessions.

How to do Vajrassana: First sit with your legs in stretched position, then bend your right leg and place the foot under right hip.Similarly, bend left leg and place the foot under left hip.Now sit comfortably in between the two heels and keep your backbone erect.Keep both your palms on your thighs.To See Video Click Below(Video Courtesy: Jeanne Kim)

sitting meditation poses
Padmassana Pose

2)Sitting Meditation Poses: Pose 2: Padmasana(Lotus Pose):

How To Do Padmassna(Lotus Pose): First Sit cross-legged such that both the heels are on thighs and near the navel.

Click Below To See The Video

Video Courtesy: Gezond 10

3)Sitting Meditation Poses: Pose 3: Siddhasana:

Sitting Meditation Poses
Siddhasana Pose

How To Do Sidhhasana: Sitting in the cross-legged positions is also called Siddhassana. This asana is helpful for the practice of mediation.

So the above mentioned three Sitting Meditation Poses are the best and most useful in your meditation practice and you should try to practice meditation in one of these three “Sitting Meditation Poses” to gain maximum results.

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