Yoga Poses For Piles, Fistula & Constipation.

Though “Relief for piles, fistula, constipation ” with Yoga does not seem to be possible , I want to assure you that Yoga can cure piles, fistula, constipation and also provide you with relief from piles,fistula and constipation.

Before we move ahead to the solutions let us see what is Piles?

Piles also known as Haemorrhoids, occur when blood vessels in or around the anus and rectum swell.

What are the causes of Piles?

Piles are more common in people who eat lots of nonvegetarian foods or more of spicy and oily foods or in those who have to sit for a long period of time in one place like truck drivers, office workers etc and piles occur during or after pregnancy in women. The lifting of weights more than the capacity may also result in causing piles. Improper lifestyle, wrong eating habits (eating more spicy food and non-veg food like meat ), obesity, constipation if not taken care for a longer period, applying pressure for passing the stool, straining in toilets while passing the stool in hassle, also causes piles.

What are the symptoms of Piles:How To Get Relief For Piles With Yoga

1)Bleeding during passing stool

2)Feeling of incomplete bowel movement.

3)Itching in and around the anus.

4)Pain and discomfort after the bowel movement.

What kind of treatment is available?

Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available depending on the condition in piles.

Also, many times piles automatically go away if you observe proper dieting recommendations given by the physician.

What are natural remedies available:

1)Morning walk for 3 km is a very good natural cure for piles, the clean oxygen in the morning has the ability to cure almost all the diseases in a person naturally. Take as much as possible fresh morning oxygen.

2)Walk as much as possible: It helps to cure piles naturally.

3)Patients suffering from Piles cannot sit on chairs as it hurts, they must sit in Siddhasan or in the cross-legged position, sit in the cross-legged position on the floor as much as possible, it relieves the tension around anus or rectum and provides natural relief.

4)Avoid sitting on soft cushions if you have to sit for a long time, sit on the ground as much as possible.

5)Eat green leafy vegetables as much as possible,

6) Take the intake of milk and milk products in food.

7)Drink enough water and eat fibrous food, like Jowar,Bajra instead of wheat.

8)Give enough time for the bowel movement and do not hassle for the same.

9)Avoid eating meat as meat contains a lot of heat and it also takes a lot of time to digest.

What is the cure suggested by Yoga:

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1)Parvatassana,2)Gomukhasana,3)Siddhasana4)Pavanmuktasana 5)Vajrassana are the Yoga poses which can provide you relief in Yoga.

How To Do Parvatasana: First sit in Padmasana, inhale and lift both the hands over the head. Join both the palms and try to stretch them upwards. Breathe normally. Exhale and return.

How To Get Relief For Piles With Yoga?

How To Do Gomukhasana: Fold the left leg across the right leg. Fold the right hand above the shoulder and bring the left hand behind the back and make the finger lock. Now breathe deeply. Repeat on the other side.

How To Do Siddhasana: Sitting in a cross-legged position is also called

How To Get Relief in piles with yoga?

Siddhasana.Sitting on the floor almost for 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes should help to keep piles away.

How To Do Pavanmuktasana: First sleep on your back, then raise both

How To Get Relief For Piles With Yoga

your legs and press them against the abdomen, keep the chin in between your knees.

How To Do Kati Chalana: Fold your legs and bring them close to hips, keep both the hands under the head. Now turn your legs to the left and head to the right. Inhale and exhale normally. Repeat the same on the opposite side.

Vajrassana: Vajrassana is the best pose to get relief from Piles without medicine, it relieves constipation and helps ease of bowel movement, thereby helping to get rid of Piles and fistula.I will Suggest you to do this pose Every night after dinner for max 20 min or as per the severity of piles.

Also always take food intake in siddhasana(cross legged) if you are suffering from piles, avoid eating on dining table or sofa. This is the easiest cure for piles in Yoga.

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